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TANSAN MAGIC Sparkling Scalp Dr Pro


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Experience a salon-like head spa every day at home with this innovative all-in-one shampoo with carbonic acid from Japanese mineral thermal spring and natural plant extracts


The high concentration of 18,000ppm micro carbonic acid gently cleans hair and scalp by deep penetration and increases blood flow and gently lifts oil, impurities, dead skin and product residue out of follicles to lead to healthy scalp which nurtures beautiful hair. The effect of carbonic acid also helps to add body and shine to the hair.

The 14 kinds of organic natural extracts moisturise the scalp and hair, prevent itchiness and sebum oxidation, tighten the skin, provide antibacterial effect, improve the scalp condition, add body and suppleness to the hair and repair hair damage.

14 plant extracts: Wildrose(rosehip), Cucumber, Hawthorn, Sage, Thyme, Bilberry, Lavender & Rosemary, Golden silk, Japanese Sake lees, Sakura leaf, Seaweed, Yuzu, Mandarin orange

In addition, the Longan fermented extract protects the scalp from dryness and keeps it moisturised.


SPARKLING SCALP DR is recommended for people concerned with;

  • Dry scalp
  • Itchy scalp
  • Impurities and odour of scalp 
  • Hair loss
  • Stiff hair
  • Damaged hair


< How to use >

  1. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Spray directly onto the scalp about 2-3 seconds.
  3. Gently massage the scalp with your fingers.
  4. Leave on for 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. It is highly recommended to dry with a dryer after towel-drying.