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Organic natural ingredients-based scalp & hair treatment to promote healthier scalp, hair growth, and damaged-hair repair & protection


Scalp nourishment

The main ingredients, oils derived from organic palm and the combination of natural oils - olive oil, safflower oil, camellia oil and castor oil - moisturise and soften scalp.

The anti-inflammatory herbal extracts moisturise scalp and hair, tighten scalp to help reduce dandruff and itchiness and promote hair growth, while organic aloe vera extract improves blood circulation and hair matrix cell revitalization. It also helps with oil control and overall scalp conditioning.

In addition, Lipaside C8G controls secretion of oil, dandruff and reductase, which are root causes of hair-loss.

Deep hair treatment

The four kinds of natural oils provide hair with natural moisture without use of silicone, and two active ingredients penetrate into hair in a short treatment time, coat surface, and repair hair damage from inside and out.

  • Pericea

Made from natural fatty acids and amino acids. Because of its similarity to hair constituents, it intensely fills damaged part and remains deep-inside hair even after rinsing, penetrating hair as fast as in 1 minute. It restores strength and moisture of hair to a healthy state, and restores thickness of damaged thinned hair, giving hair firmness and elasticity. It also coats hair surface to protect cuticle and improve smoothness.

  • Vegetamide 18MEA-R (Hydrolyzed Rice Protein)

The barrier structure on cuticle surface lost due to damage can be repaired intensively by the similar component, Vegetamide, to restore hair surface to a healthy state.


This treatment is suitable for various hair types;

  • Stiff hair: Moisturizing power of collagen softens hair
  • Damaged hair: Chitosan derived from crab shells protects surface and gives natural shine
  • Fine hair: Keratin improves hair suppleness


[How to use]

  1. After shampoo, spread about 2cm-diameter on hair, starting from scalp then to ends.
  2. Massage the scalp and leave on for 3 minutes for deep penetration.
  3. Rinse.