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TANSAN MAGIC Tansan Perfect Gel Cream


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All-in-one gel cream with luxury blends of natural and anti-aging ingredients for highly moisturising, antioxidant, age-fighting benefits to prevent multiple skin problems


This perfect cream functions as lotion, emulsion, beauty serum, cream and make-up base.

The unique blend of traditional Japanese and Chinese botanical extracts, anti-aging ingredients and Asian beauty essences revitalise skin and prevent aging while repairing, smoothing, nourishing, brightening, and balancing skin.


< Benefits of beauty ingredients >

  • Japanese mineral thermal spring water promotes blood circulation and supply oxygen, nutrients and water to the skin, leading to clear, smooth and healthy skin.
  • Traditional Japanese and Chinese plant extracts (Sakura leaf, Licorice root, Yuzu citrus, Phellodendron bark) prevents rough skin and leads to healthy skin while moisturising and balancing skin.                                                         
  • Anti-aging ingredients (Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C derivatives, Hyaluronic acid) retain moisture, and smooth and protect skin. Also help skin restore elasticity and vitality for radiant and supple look. 
  • Asian beauty extracts: Fermented Dates extract smooths skin while fermented Longan fruit extract protects skin from UV rays. The antibacterial effect of Longan fruit extract also protects skin and help to lock moisture from deep inside by boosting the power of hyaluronic acid. 
  • Harmful ingredients-free: NO synthetic fragrances, NO synthetic colorants, NO preservatives (paraben, phenoxyethanol), NO alcohol, NO mineral oil, NO UV absorbers, NO petroleum-based surfactants, NO silicones

The airless container prevents contamination by such as bacteria and maintain the freshness until the last drop even without use of preservatives.

< How to use >

In the morning and at night, apply an appropriate amount (push 1-2 times) on whole face and neck after face wash.

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