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TANSAN MAGIC Champagne Mist


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All-in-one mist spray used as a setting spray, a primer or even just to cool down and moisturize the skin throughout the day


The highly concentrated 18,000 ppm natural micro carbonic acid from Japanese mineral thermal spring passes through outermost layer of the skin, penetrates into subcutaneous tissue, and promote blood circulation and supply oxygen, nutrients and water to the skin while clearing unnecessary substances. This helps make metabolism active, leading to fresh, smooth and healthy skin.

Beauty ingredients such as Bulgarian rose water and Fulvic acid extract nourishes and moisturises the skin for radiance, while other ingredients such as extract from Longan(fermented), Dates(fermented) and Loquat improves the skin texture for smoothness.

Enjoy the healing moment with the delicate aroma of natural Bulgarian rose.


It can be used not only for skin care after washing face, but also on makeup, so you can always keep your skin moisturised and radiant.


< How to use >

  1. Hold the bottle about 20cm away from the face and mist onto skin.
  2. Press gently with the palm.
    It is recommended to apply more on area with dryness concern.
    It can also be used on makeup, so you can use it on the go.

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