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PURE95 Concentrated Amino Dog Shampoo


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Concentrated amino acid-based shampoo with natural ingredients for sensitive skin dogs, to prevent itchiness, inflammation and bacterial growth

Made with high-grade natural amino acids extracted from sugar cane and 21 kinds of carefully selected natural herbs, the hypoallergenic and weakly acidic fine lather gently cleanses skin and coat, and it is safe to use daily for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin.

The excellent moisturizing effect of amino acids and natural herbs gives a shiny finish even without conditioner. Especially for long-haired dogs, the coat will be fluffy and shiny.

The scent of natural herbs gives both dogs and you relaxing bathing time with aromatherapy effects.


  • Cleanse the skin and prevent inflammation and bacterial growth
  • Protect dog skin pH level to prevent skin problems and eczema
  • Promote skin metabolism to control hair growth and sebum secretion
  • Improves blood circulation and keeps skin and coat healthy
  • Remove body and sebum odor

What's more, as it is recommended to use by diluting with 5-10 times of water, this shampoo is highly cost-effective too!


< How to use >

Dilute with 5-10 times water.

  1. Lightly brush coat and wet thoroughly.
  2. Apply shampoo, lather well, and gently massage to wash.
  3. Rinse well and towel dry.